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As a member of one of the most exciting cities in the world, we are sure that you want to keep up appearances. Each of us is proud of how our home or business is represented  and seen. This includes the landscaping within your acreage. Us at Green Leaf Tree Services can accomplish any of your landscaping goals to keep you proud of your yard.

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Los Angeles Tree Stump Removal

Is there an unsightly tree stump that ruins the site of your yard? Do you have plans of putting a tree where the stump is now, but do not know how to remove it? Green Leaf Tree Services has the necessary tools for your desired results. Our professionals can saw the stump as flush with the ground as you wish, or remove the tree stump with roots and all. Over 20 years of experience in stump grinding and removal makes us one of the most competitive tree services specialists available. Call us now at 818-788-1235 today!

Los Angeles Artistic Tree Pruning

We know more than how to use a machete. We are skilled with the scalpel as well. If you hire us to make your yard beautiful, you are hiring artists that make precision cuts that are for the welfare of the tree as well as the visual welfare of the owner,you. Our tools our sharp, our eyes are keen and we are eager to make your property stand out the way you visualize it. Ask for other locations that we have touched up, you will not be disappointed.